Confirmed Dead

Alex M. (Deja vu Dreamer)

Ava Farrell-Conquest (The London Librarian)

Alison Brent (Time out of Mind)

Mary "Bambi" Holmes (The Cow Jumped Over The Moon)

Paris "Beast" Bailey-Earm (The Cow Jumped Over The Moon)

Helen "Beauty" Holmes (The Cow Jumped Over The Moon)

Beth (Elizabeth) (Ichthyological)

Brennon Laideckt (Life under the Yggdrasil)

Cameron Hudson (Take the Myth)

Damien O' Connor (Dreams in Darkness/Deja vu Dreamer)

"Dice"/Ben (Live in the Light)

Isabel "Fizzbomb" Dorter (Para Not-So-Normal)

"Jay"/John (Anomalous Data)

Ritchie/"Jeff" (okay, to be honest, I really don't know who exactly this is or what happened with him.  I do know that there's a dude who called himself Jeff, and that he is dead.) (Let Us Keep Living)

Joel (This is not a blog.)

Joseph "Joey" Steward (Eccentrically Bored/Hidden in the Trees)

Jonas "Joce" Dorowitz (Heavy Boy)

Joshua Allon (Just Another Fool)

Logan Renault (Just Another Fool)

Lucas (This is not a blog.)

Manuel Loew (Gone Golem Hunting)

Luke "Morningstar" Cipher (The Morning Hunter/Shade of the Morning)

"Valtiel," aka "Morningstar" (Knight of the Morning)

Nessa (Enter Light (blog defunct)/Clarion Call)

"Ratatoskr," AKA The 2nd Messenger (Now What?)

Ray "Reach" Shaughnessy (What You Are In The Dark)

Redlight (White Elephants, various others)

Ron Foster (Drew's Box 'O' Stuff)

Rutherford Smith-Manhattan (And All I Got Was This Kitchen Sink)

Emma-Sofia "Kathleen Schrödinger" Mondegreen (Floccinaucinihilipilification)

The Slender Man Division of the Paranormal Termination Consortium, with the exception of "Basroil 2" (Observe and Terminate/Specter's Blog

"Slice"/Chris (Live in the Light)

Stella MacKenzie (Stella, Searching)

Timothy "Tikka" Williamson (Anonymous here...)

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