Saturday, November 3, 2012

Turtle's Notes #2

Hello, everyone.  Turtle here again.  I'd just like to inform you all that Mr. Justice has settled into his position and has finally been able to provide some help with the information.  In addition, Mr. Ratatoskr's posts for this blog have been published posthumously.  More old reports are currently being transferred over and will be over the next few days.

A few quick notes: Mr. Ratatoskr, AKA The 2nd Messenger, fled from his duty and was killed by Mr. Slender.  The "posthumously" comment earlier may have tipped you off about that, but I figured it would be best to state in a less offhanded way.  Mr. M30, AKA the 3rd Messenger has taken over his post.  You can read more about it on the "About" page.

New pages have been added.  There are now sections for not only those who are confirmed and believed dead, but for those who may appear dead but actually aren't and for those who were confirmed dead but are somehow still alive.

Finally, you can follow my Twitter because I like to use it sometimes and it'd be nice to pretend that people actually pay attention to some of the things I say.

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