Believed Dead

Amelia Clark (Road to the Heavens)
Anthony Hawker (Lost Time)
Arkady Svidrigailov (Smiting the Gods/Operation Wintergreen)
Eric Jameson (The Hiking Fiend)
Frap J. Larsson (FRIENDS, blog defunct)
"Jekyll"/"Hyde" (Now I Shall Know You Again)
Kal "Kalias" Jameson (Father of Light/Operation Wintergreen)
"The Lexiconical" (A Lack of Lexicon, blog defunct)
"Maduin the Jester" (A Really Bad Joke)
Michael "Nemo"Johannes (Obscured Camera)
"Perennial Precipice" (A Lack of Lexicon/All Eyes on Me, both blogs defunct)
Reilly "R.C." Cooper (Musical Occurrences)
"Setoth"/Damien (Vox93/Operation Wintergreen)
"Sublime Silence" (A Lack of Lexicon)