If you have come here, it is probably to mourn the dead, more specifically, those whose deaths surround the Slender Man.  Perhaps you came hoping I would deliver a few parting words to an old friend of yours.  I would like to.  Unfortunately, I'm just a messenger.  I just deliver the news.  I'm not here to read your friend's blog and say something nice about them.  That pain just wears too heavily on me after a while.  In addition, I'm sure you all have things you'd like to say about your friends.  Some way you'd like someone to remember them.

That's where the List comes in.  The List exists for me to both report the deaths and for you to pay your last respects.  If you would like to leave a eulogy, send me an e-mail at shootingthemessenger@hotmail.com and I will be sure to add it to the post.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-

Presently maintained by Ratatoskr, The Messenger.
Look, don't expect much sympathy from me. Sympathy and I have a relationship that works best where we don't see each other.
Understand, it's my job to keep this list updated. I get paid to do that. You want nice words? Feel free to write them yourself. There's comments for that. Don't start anything and you and I should get along just fine.

Turtle's Notes: I'm Turtle, Justice's aide.  Since Justice used to be the old Messenger, he's having me help out during the transitional phase as Ratatoskr takes over.  You'll see me around here and there.

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